Netflix App Now Available for Honeycomb Tablets

Netflix on Android

The Netflix app has been available on Android for a while now, but only on devices that supported Android 2.2 or 2.3. Now, just in time for the release of Android 4.0, the Netflix app is available on Android 3.x devices. The app will also be available in Canada and Latin America for the first time. Android 3.x, or Honeycomb, is geared toward tablets, which means the app should also have been optimized to take advantage of larger screens, but early indications are less than positive.

Netflix is releasing a new version of its Android app that will add support for Honeycomb tablets and expand availability beyond the U.S. With version 1.5 of the Netflix app, which is now available as a free download on the Android Market, Netflix expands the number of devices that its subscribers will be able to access its streaming video service on.


  • Its been on the galaxy tab

    Its been on the galaxy tab 10.1 and most other honeycomb tablets for awhile now.. this just adds support for the rest that fell behind and makes it all honeycomb.. 

  • Well, I have had netflix

    Well, I have had netflix running on my stock Asus Transformer for some time, but it’s nice to have official support.  Especially in light of the recent “fake” netflix apk that was stealing user info.  I like not having to hunt down the apk everytime there’s an update.  Now I can just update on the Android Market without worrying about malware.  Kudos to the folks that made this happen.  If HBO Go will hurry up and get official app support on Honeycomb I’ll be thrilled!