MCE 7 Reset Toolbox Version 3 Released

Another great tool for Windows 7 Media Center has been released. This time MCE 7 Reset Toolbox. This tool is the “Swiss army knife” of Media Center. MCE 7 Reset Toolbox allows you to perform everything from full backups, themes, channel editing, and any other full customizations you would ever want to do to Media Center. I personally don’t have […]

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Streaming Video Watched in 42 Million Homes

This comes as to no surprise that streaming media is on the rise. The actual number on the other has is pretty impressive. 42 Million Homes throughout the United States and Europe are using connected devices (Media Streamers, Connected TV’s, Game Consoles) to stream TV, Movies and other video content. One interesting thing to note is that Europeans prefer to […]

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Amazon Adds PBS to Instant Streaming


It looks like Amazon is making more and more content deals.  Added to what they already have available on Prime Instant Video is now have PBS content.  I know that with small kids in the house we watch a lot of it.  Maybe it’s time to take another look at our streaming service around here… We’ve now licensed TV programs […]

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Sewell InjectIR – IR over HDMI Remote Extender

Sewell InjectIR

Those of you with older television cabinets or mounted televisions know the difficulty that comes with hiding your equipment out of site while still being able to control it. Radio frequency (RF) has its benefits but requires a special remote control as well as IR blasters for each individual device you are looking to control. Sewell has developed the InjectIR […]

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Guide to Preserving Media Browser Playstates

My favorite part of using a media management program such as Media Browser for watching television series is being able to keep track of which episodes we have watched. Unfortunately, I’m also constantly tinkering with my system, much to my wife’s chagrin. Being able to backup my Media Browser playstates preserves that information, but sometimes the unexpected strikes, so a […]

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Pivos Aios HD Media Center Reviewed

Pivo Aios HD Media Center

The Pivos Technology Group was a new on me, but evidently they are a new company out of California and the Aios HD Media Center is their first product. The Aios is a Realtek 1185-based media streamer, the same chipset used in the A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD2. If you can look past the reviewer’s unusual interpretation of what constitutes an HTPC, […]

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