Guide to Preserving Media Browser Playstates

My favorite part of using a media management program such as Media Browser for watching television series is being able to keep track of which episodes we have watched. Unfortunately, I’m also constantly tinkering with my system, much to my wife’s chagrin. Being able to backup my Media Browser playstates preserves that information, but sometimes the unexpected strikes, so a set of tools for automatically preserving that information on a regular basis is a welcome addition to an HTPC toolset.

 I wanted to be able to recover in case of disaster…and not only recover, but be able to choose when to recover from.  That’s when I devised a small plan, or script, to do this for me.  You only need two things and a few minutes to save your playstates on a daily basis, fully compressed:

  1. My small batch script
  2. The command-line version of 7-zip