MSI Cubi 2 Plus HTPC reviewed @ Anandtech

If you want a NUC like HTPC, but don’t want an Intel branded system this system from MSI looks like a decent alternative. Although, it doesn’t look to have CIR or HDMI CEC capability so…

The desktop PC market has been subject to many challenges over the last few years. However, the miniaturization trend (including the introduction of the ultra-compact form factor – UCFF – NUCs) has provided some bright spots. The recent introduction of the mini-STX (5×5) form factor has provided yet another option between the NUC and the mITX form factor for PC builders. The ECS LIVA One was one of the first mini-STX PCs to come to the market. MSI also quickly followed with the introduction of the Cubi 2 Plus models. The consumer-focused Cubi 2 Plus is complemented by the business-focused Cubi 2 Plus vPro.