Ubiquiti launches consumer line

Ubiquiti is pretty well known for their [relatively expensive] line of business access points. The feature set is really nice, but the price point and complexity has to put off quite a few buyers. It looks like they are addressing that with a new line of consumer oriented access points that should be easier to use and it includes a router in the list.

However, this morning Ubiquiti announced a new product line targeted squarely at home users who want the reliability of higher-end business Wi-Fi without the setup and admin hassle: Amplifi. Designed to compete directly against “set it and forget it” mesh Wi-Fi products like eero, Amplifi kits will include a router/AP base station with a touch screen for configuration and four gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as two pre-paired Wi-Fi extenders that can be placed wherever you’d like in your house or apartment. Unlike the business-oriented Unifi gear, the Amplifi router doesn’t require you to run a separate management station application or use a Ubiquiti Cloud Key.

Ars Technica