Roku Streaming Stick reviewed @ RHT

Had the updated Roku Streaming Stick been available a few months ago when I picked up a Roku 2, I’m confident that I would have opt’d for it instead. With a very sleek profile, RF remote (vs. IR), the same capabilities for a lower price ($50), it just makes sense.

Roku has released two other Streaming Stick media players. Despite their superior selection of apps and user interface, competing sticks have been better. Prior Roku sticks are slow to boot and unresponsive to the remote, making the whole experience one you don’t want to come back to. With the new 2016 Streaming Stick, Roku has finally gotten it right. Quick to boot, a smooth user experience, and extra features that the competition doesn’t offer make it a winner. Throw in a low $50 price point that includes a remote, and you have the best media streamer on the market today.