SVS PC-2000 subwoofer reviewed @ RHT

I’ve never contemplated a cylindrical subwoofer, actually only barely knew they existed. After reading the review of the SVS PC-2000, I think I’m going to have to do some research into the benefits of this shape versus a standard cabinet design.

SVS has revamped their cylinder series of subwoofers with the new PC-2000: a 34” tall, downward firing room shaker. About the only thing in common with its predecessors is the cylindrical cabinet design. The PC-2000 features a new 12” driver from their 2000 series, 500 watt Sledge STA-500D Class D amp, and a rear firing port. Propping up this new design are the elastomer feet of the SoundPath Isolation System. These decouple the subwoofer cabinet from the floor, allowing for better bass performance.


  • My first sub was a

    My first sub was a second-hanf SVS 20-39CS unpowered cylindrical sub. I had a small room, so I used their provided foam stopper in one of the ports to tune it to 16Hz. Had Crown CE1000 to push it (which wasn’t a great plan because of its fan, but hey I was young and on a limited budget). But being able to get well above dolby-reference levels at subsonic frequencies in my little room made it worth it. I loved feeling the edges of my jeans’ legs move from the moving air.


    Unfortunately, after a year or two I moved to an apartment building and it sat _way_ under-utilized for a couple years before I finally sold it.

    I’m not sure I would go back to a tall cylinder these days because my theater room is a finished attic with angled walls so height around the perimeter is at a premium. But if I had the space, I’d probably lean towards them. They can’t be hidden (as easily) and look imposing. Just a personal preference, though. I’d want people to ask “what is that?” so that I could _show_ them.

    • So it was mostly about form

      So it was mostly about form factor for you then? I haven’t had a chance to do any research yet (stupid job :P), so I’m just as ignorant as I was a few days ago.

      • From the physics of the

        From the physics of the thing, a tube ought to be a better form factor for a sub than a box and potentially cheaper, but it sure doesn’t seem like there is any real difference between a well-designed andmade cylinder sub vs. a well-designed and made box sub in terms of price/performace.

        You can get an SVS PC-2000 (cylinder) or a PB-2000 (box) for $800. Their driver and amp are the same. The box has a little flatter frequency response to my eye (though mainly well above the crossover point for most people), the cylinder gets a 1Hz more extension in its specs, the cylinder is 15lbs lighter. I couldn’t find a direct comparsion with data as far as output goes, but the few reviews I can find say they are very similar. Though perhaps the advantage of the tube (less need for internal bracing) is somewhat negated by the cutouts for the port and amp? My old un-powered cylinder had the ports at the top and the driver/hook-ups at the bottom so the tube itself was fully intact. 


        At anyrate, it seems like it comes down to personal preferences for aesthetics. If I had my way I’d have a few cylinder subs with a commanding presence in the room (assuming we aren’t getting crazy and I had room for an infinite baffle), but in reality I was limited mostly by budget so a box it was!