Blu-ray Releases – October 25, 2011

Oh how I wanted to pick Wrong Turn 4 just to get a reaction from you guys, but alas I played it conservative this week. Jurassic Park Trilogy, just in time for the holidays…although you can save some money and watch Terra Nova that is basically the same thing, right? Dazed and Confused is a classic if you’ve never seen […]

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Netgear Universal WiFi Range Extender WN3000RP

Netgear Universal Wifi Range Extender WN3000RP

In the last 5 – 10 years wireless has vastly changed how we connect devices to the internet in our homes. Every smartphone, laptop, tablet, media streamer, gaming console has the ability to connect to your network through your wireless access point. Along with the ability to no longer having to run an Ethernet cord everywhere you needed network connectivity, […]

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