Blu-ray Releases – October 25, 2011

Oh how I wanted to pick Wrong Turn 4 just to get a reaction from you guys, but alas I played it conservative this week. Jurassic Park Trilogy, just in time for the holidays…although you can save some money and watch Terra Nova that is basically the same thing, right? Dazed and Confused is a classic if you’ve never seen it. And Attack the Block was mildly entertaining, a UK film of a gang who gets attacked by Aliens…okay, it was kinda dumb, but I’ve seen worse.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

Really a no brainer given the competition this week, but I’ll admit that my expectations were quite high going into Captain America, and it did somewhat disappoint. The first Avenger, I honestly was not a fan of these comics growing up so the story was new to me. The movie is quite long, but I found it to be entertaining. Although I didn’t buy the CGI for one second when he was a whimpy kid, his head was WAY too big for the body. The action sequences were decent, but I think he’s just not as compelling a superhero as some of the others. Just my opinion…


  • Captain America could’ve been

    Captain America could’ve been one of Marvel’s better movies.  I think as a hero he would be ahead of Iron Man and Thor in popularity and behind Spider-Man and X-Men.  But I agree I was a little disappointed in the movie.  For one, I hate origin stories.  They take too long to get to where you want to be.  I would’ve rather seen it start from thawing him out in modern day.  But I know they are trying to set things up for The Avengers.  I normally don’t pay much attention to the special effects as today most all effects are pretty realistic.  I don’t think they were in Captain America, and I don’t even mean his head on the small body.  I’m talking the explosions and stuff.  Every action scene where he was jumping and doing something was done in slow motion.

  • Has any one watched this on
    Has any one watched this on their HTPC? I watched it this morning and cpu usage was around 60% which I thought was pretty high. I thought something was wrong with hardware acceleration and/or drivers. But when I put the Thor bluray in to compare, usage is only around 15%. They are both encoded the same and both have the same audio. I don’t know what the average bit-rate is but I can’t imagine it would be that much difference to cause such a difference in cpu usage.

    E6600, 2gb RAM, Radeon 6570, Catalyst 11.9 drivers, PowerDVD 11 Ultra (and tried WinDVD 11 with same results)