Streaming Video Watched in 42 Million Homes

This comes as to no surprise that streaming media is on the rise. The actual number on the other has is pretty impressive. 42 Million Homes throughout the United States and Europe are using connected devices (Media Streamers, Connected TV’s, Game Consoles) to stream TV, Movies and other video content.

One interesting thing to note is that Europeans prefer to connect a HTPC to theirs displays where as the US prefers game consoles more than any other connected device. Not sure how accurate that is, but still some interesting facts all together.

A new report from Strategy Analytics, Multiscreen Connected TV: Assessing Device Usage and Ownership, found that connected TV usage is twice as popular in the US as in Europe: 20 per cent of US respondents have watched internet content on their TV screens in the past month, compared to only 10 per cent of Europeans.

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