33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV) could be on the air in 2015

Current TV standards compared to Ultra HD

Whether you choose to believe it or not, at least the committee is smart enough to plan the specs ahead of today’s technology.   As Kurzwell and Vinge have perdicted, technology now changes so fast that if you’re building something with more than a 9 month release cycle, you need to plan to use components that don’t yet exist.   It seems Apple is pretty good at that trick.

The bad news is I’ll have to replace the Kuro, not to mention all those BDs…  🙁

The high-definition pride of your living room may not want to hear it, but it looks like ultra high-definition TV (or UHDTV) has now taken another step towards reality. While shop-floor products remain years away, experts in the ITU Study Group on Broadcasting Service have made several agreements on technical standards for your (next?) next TV purchase. Increasing pixel count in future sets is also expected to improve viewing angles on glasses-free 3D, which needs more dots to work its lenticular magic. 33 megapixels sounds like it should be enough to work with.

From EngagetHD

  • Please don’t get me wrong…

    Please don’t get me wrong… I am totally a proponent of bigger and better resolutions, but are we not approaching the extent that we can no longer visually contrast the image? I suppose I have not seen a direct image comparison, but I dont know that my current living room could handle a larger television easily. Nor do i expect that I will be able to convince my wife that we need such a thing…

  • It’s all about viewing

    It’s all about viewing distance. A 60″ tv would benefit from higher resolution. But you are right, I wonder why we would use a larger TV in the living room…

    Maybe in 20 years this resolution might go mainstream. Right now, there is too many limitations: bandwidth, computer performance, etc…

    An interesting chart: http://s3.carltonbale.com/resolution_chart.html

  • And don’t forget the

    And don’t forget the inevitable format war between Ultra-HD-DVDs and Ultra-BluRays.

    • phoneguyinpgh wrote:



      And don’t forget the inevitable format war between Ultra-HD-DVDs and Ultra-BluRays.


      Don’t worry, whichever format I buy into will lose.  Just buy the opposite.

  • hahaha
    I don’t think there


    I don’t think there will be another format war because I don’t think there will be another format. Streaming will be everywhere in a few years so it will kill the disc.

    • I would really like to

      I would really like to believe that. Though the audio and video quality delivered by the disc is still vastly superior to what you can get through streaming. Until streaming can match both without having to buffer as frequently, I will still prefer the disc for cinema viewing opportunities.


      Television shows on the other hand, I whole heartedly encourage a streaming solution.

  • Streaming 16x 1080p data

    Streaming 16x 1080p data should go real well given already strained bandwidth and low monthly caps from the ISPs…