HDTVtest Has The Scoop On LG + OLED + HDR

LG loves OLED, LG’s OLED displays support two of the five (!) HDR standards and more. Including temptation for UK buyers at the end. Must resist 🙂

OLED television has captured the attention and imagination of the videophile community due to the display technology’s ability to render true blacks, and one manufacturer more than others has been responsible to push the technology forward and make it mass-market. In fact, South Korean behemoth LG is the only company with a commercially viable OLED tech at this time of writing, and makes no secret that it is supplying other TV brands with its WRGB OLED panel. Earlier this week, HDTVTest caught up with LG UK at its shiny new headquarters at Weybridge to talk all things OLED, and here are five key takeaways..