You Get PLEX, and YOU Get PLEX…

Everybody gets a PLEX* :). *Assuming you have an Android TV or Smart TV. Terms and conditions may apply. Your mileage may vary. After some quality time with our Plex Pass members as an early preview, our Android TV and smart TV apps are available for free to everyone, joining the ranks of our other free big screen apps like […]

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Wait, You Can Still Buy Windows Media Center Pack?


Frankly, it seems a bit unconscionable that Microsoft was still selling the Windows Media Center Pack after they euthanized the DVR software with the release, and nag-you-to-update, of Windows 10. Well this is coming to an end… If you want to add Windows Media Center to your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 system via the addon media packs that Microsoft […]

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Zotac Announce Two Zbox Braswell Mini-PC

Looking for a cheap OpenELEC or HTPC streamer? You could do worse than a Braswell (Atom) based system, and Zotac just announced two new boxes, in two different formats. These new systems use Intel’s Atom N3150 SoC, part of the Braswell family of products. The N3150 contains four low-power CPU cores, rated with a max TDP of 6 W, operating […]

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What Should Missing Remote Be?

This might seem like a strange question, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what Missing Remote should be. Where it should go. What we should cover. What we do right/wrong. Historically, we’ve focused on HTPC, streamers, and connected home (home automation, networking, NAS, etc.) and dabbled a bit in other areas, but I wonder if this the right mix? […]

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