What Should Missing Remote Be?

This might seem like a strange question, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what Missing Remote should be. Where it should go. What we should cover. What we do right/wrong.

Historically, we’ve focused on HTPC, streamers, and connected home (home automation, networking, NAS, etc.) and dabbled a bit in other areas, but I wonder if this the right mix? Frankly, I’m not sure anymore. I still use my HTPC + home theater as the main consumption point, but since moving to the UK there has been a lot less space for secondary media consumption areas so everyone in the family has been using other devices (tablets, mobiles, laptops, etc.) when the main space isn’t free. Should we also cover these sorts of device as they relate to the main focus of the site?

Aside from content, I know the site is limping. It’s something that we need to make time, and allocate resources to fix. I am working on this, but I don’t know yet whether it’s something where it will be smarter to move platforms or fix what we have. Made some progress this morning on fixing things though :).

Anyway, I know this is a bit stream-of-consciousness-brain-dump so feel free to ignore or comment however you see fit.