Microsoft Smart Glass for XBox and …?


So the key question for us all is how will this work with Media Center?   Any chance this will allow WTV files (copy-freely of course) to be transfered to mobile devices?    While I’m sure some of you already use DVRMSToolbox or MCEBuddy or even Handbrake (which now reads WTV files BTW)  to do this, it would sure be nice to have a simple […]

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Disney Movie Club Redux

lotso movies

So just about a year ago I wrote up an article on how to get 10 Disney BDs for about $13 each.   A year later shows you how slow the BD market is as Disney has lowered the commitment to just 3 more movies at the regular price and allows you to knock off one of those in the original […]

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Fox files suit against Dish for AutoHop

Dish Network's commercial-skipping feature AutoHop (Dish Network / May 24, 201

So if your first thought was: “How can they get away with that?” when you saw the Dish commercial skip announcement, it seems the answer is going to be: “Not easily”. We were given no choice but to file suit against one of our largest distributors, Dish Network, because of their surprising move to market a product with the clear […]

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Hard drive manufacturers slash warranty periods

Momentus XT

If you’re considering a hard-drive purchase in the next 6 months, here’s a pretty compelling reason to buy before the end of the year. I must confess, this smells a little bit like anti-trust behavior to me.   As a consumer, are you going to stop buying Seagate and WD drives based upon their warranty?   I suspect they realized that price […]

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Forget 3D, here comes the QD TV

Quantum Dots

OK.  Stupid headline from the Telegraph since Quantum Dots have nothing to do with 2D vs. 3D, but the content is a bit more interesting.    Sounds like the integration of QD technology will convincingly push LCD display quality past Plasma for the last group of hold outs clinging to their Pioneer Elites and poo-pooing your multi-zone backlighting (that would be […]

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Finally kiss ClearQAM goodbye

Cable Card

It seems our poor cable companies are all suffering terribly from theft of service, hence the FCC is going to let them encrypt all the basic channels as well.     For many of us, this already happened for the HD channels and with the prevelance of the Ceton and Colossus, perhaps it’s no longer a big deal for HTPC DVR fans […]

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Digitizing VHS with the Hauppauge Colossus


So my primary reason for purchasing the Hauppauge Colossus was to digitize a small VCR library.   Some purchased movie titles others non-professional and non-purchasable.    It seems my wife’s Dad bought almost every Disney movie on VCR during the limited release cycle.   Since my 4yr old isn’t going to complain about simulated surround vs TrueHD, I figured capturing the upscaled image after […]

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Apple to Replace the Remote with Siri?

Apple Siri Icon

What’s Really Next for Apple in Television? So it’s unclear how much is from an inside source vs. just putting the pieces together, but Nick Bilton at the NY Times is saying Apple will eventually build and ship a smart TV with Siri as the UI.    I have to confess, it makes perfect sense to me.   In a few years […]

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