Disney Movie Club Redux

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So just about a year ago I wrote up an article on how to get 10 Disney BDs for about $13 each.   A year later shows you how slow the BD market is as Disney has lowered the commitment to just 3 more movies at the regular price and allows you to knock off one of those in the original offer for 8.95.

As I mentioned in the previous article, be sure you find a promotion code to get the 5 disc for $1 vs the standard 4 disc offer.   The code 17674D currently works and has for over a year now, but if that stops working, you can always find the latest by a simple Google search.

Here’s the detailed break-down.  

BD DVD Title Cost      
1 1 Cars 2 $0.20   Per Disc $6.30
1 1 Toy Story 3 $11.95   Per BD $8.92
1 1 Dumbo $0.20      
1 1 Oceans $0.20      
1 1 Incredibles $8.95      
1 1 Alice in WL $0.20      
1 1 Cars $0.20      
1   Bugs Life $4.29 (shipping)    
1 1 Lady & Tramp $24.95      
1 1 Lion King $29.94      
1 1 Bambi $17.95      
1   Roving Mars $0.00      
     (tax) $8.05      
12 10   $107.08      

 A couple things made this work.    For one, I was able to take advantage of free shipping on all the offers, with the exception one of the reward offers.    Each movie also comes with a Disney Rewards coupon which allows you to collect points to purchase items off the rewards site.  Each movie you but is usually around 125 points.   So the first 8 movies get you close to 1000 points. When you first join (or re-join) the club, they offer you one free movie for the first two rewards you redeem (just 250 pts).    Unfortunately, I had to pay shipping on that one, which was only $4.29, so I figured it was worth it.    I’ll tell you now, most the rewards for less than 800 points are just junk, but the BDs start at around 900 points.   Note these are all the B titles, most of which never made it to the theater, but there are a couple decent ones right around 1000 pts, including Roving Mars.  So, by the time you fulfill your commitment, you have enough points for one more free movie.   No shipping costs in this case.

Finally, you’ll notice I got sucked in by the “heading to the vault” scheme and bought Bambi for $17.95 even though it wasn’t necessary to fulfill my commitment.    Even so, I still didn’t break the $9/BD barrier.

One thing I did notice is they no longer offer the streaming version for free.   That’s now another $5.99 (last time I checked).   I’d be really interested to know what the acceptance rate of that has been.

Note, once you fulfill the commitment, they are happy to let you cancel and start all over again.  Given their cost of manufacturing BDs is less than 1$, I’m sure Disney is happy enough with an 80% margin.   I figure if I wait another year before re-joining, it should drop by another buck or two…

  • There has been considerable

    There has been considerable variations in prices of each. Still they are giving much better prices that are affordable.