UltraViolet reviewers hate Hollywood’s digital locker

Well, you really didn’t expect them to get it right the first time did you?    Seems the number one complaint was lack of an iPad/iPhone compatible format, which does seem to be a pretty big oversight, though I suspect this could also be a result of the Apple/Hollywood love/hate relationship. Talk about a bad first impression: The first two Blu-ray […]

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Sezmi Shutters Consumer Service

0 Hours of Sleep Lost When Sezmi Caved

So I never even heard of these guys until they shutdown.    Sounds like they had an interesting idea, but implementation was a trickier than planned.    Perhaps they were just a little ahead of their time as the old TV frequencies are (potentially) going back up for auction.    Anyone out there actually a Sezmi customer?  Barely 19 months after launching service […]

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OCZ SSD Hard Drive Cache

OCZ Synapse Cache SSD

Like the OCZ combined product, the SSD hard drive cache is probably not very interesting for the average HTPC deployment since a video stream probably isn’t hot (i.e. the same data is not being read over and over again); but, if you could use the same device to cache a Network drive, and assuming the caching algorithm uses some intelligent read-ahead  (e.g. […]

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Sony Augmented Reality Tool for Flatscreen TV placement

I have yet to try it, but this is a pretty darn cool idea (I guess they stole it from Panasonic) but no iPhone required.   I think it’s pretty fair to assume that they won’t insert competitors screens into your photo.   The feature they need to add is to replace the existing competitor’s screen in the photo with theirs.    Live […]

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LG BD690 Blu-Ray Player OOTB Install


So my wife took the kids to grandma’s and I finally had some time to open and install the LG BD690 she’d given me for my birthday. I had my eye on the LG BD590 for a while because of the built-in disk drive. IMHO, it just makes it a more functional and hackable device in the long run, and […]

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Proof Commercial Skipping Saves Lives!

I always thought that Lifextender was a little tongue-in-cheek, but now there are studies which prove it actually does what it says! The summary is that After 25, After Every Hour Of TV Watched, Lifespan Drops By 22 Minutes. Now, knowing that 15 minutes of every TV hour is commercials, skipping commercials thus increases your lifespan by 5.5 minutes. So […]

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67 Easy Steps to a W7 Media Center Reinstallation

I started this blog posting back in February, and about the same time took over the management of the start-up I was working for, so while the blog post lingered, I continued to use it for my own purposes to track the changes I made to the system. There are definitely a number of useful nuggets in here, especially if […]

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ReplayTV pulls the plug on EPG

Here’s a bummer.    Replay TV has finally killed their EPG download.    I was an early adoptor and had given my old units to my dad and mother-in-law.   It was pre-announced some time ago, but today my dad complained.     It’s not supposed to go off until the 31st, but I guess if you have everything up to that date, it must be […]

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$100 1TB SSD Drive?

A bit of a teaser subject line, but Computer World has an interesting article comparing the cost of DRAM to NAND.   Seeing that MLC NAND has crossed the .50/GB barrier, how much longer till we see a 1TB SSD for $100.   Anyone out there brave enough to predict a date?  Mike: Could make for a good MissingRemote contest!

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