UltraViolet reviewers hate Hollywood’s digital locker

Well, you really didn’t expect them to get it right the first time did you?    Seems the number one complaint was lack of an iPad/iPhone compatible format, which does seem to be a pretty big oversight, though I suspect this could also be a result of the Apple/Hollywood love/hate relationship.

Talk about a bad first impression: The first two Blu-ray discs featuring Hollywood’s new UltraViolet cloud locker have been met with a lot of criticism from consumers, who have been calling the technology an “awful move,” “bogus,” a “joke” and a bunch of other things we can’t reprint here in numerous reviews on Amazon.com.


  • I don’t feel sorry for anyone

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone that can’t use UltraViolet with Apple’s products.  The iConsumers have been supporting Apple’s “it’s our way or the highway” attitude for years, so every one of them contributed to this problem.  Perhaps if everyone hadn’t spent years throwing money at Apple, Apple would have changed its ways.

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    I couldn’t find the source to the quote, so I searched:


  • Does anyone actually try to

    Does anyone actually try to use these DRM-laden “digital copies.”  Why not just rip the actual content, then do with it what you want?

    I mean heck they are only going to work on the computer you initially load them on (I realize this UltraViolet is trying to be “better” than that)?  I gave up on digital copies when I tried the technology with a disc I borrowed from a friend (who wasn’t interested in using the digital copy).  It was a complete joke.  The quality was less than DVD quality and then tied to that machine with DRM.  Silly.  That was the one experience I had — and haven’t bothered with it since.

    You gotta hand it to them for coming up with a good name though.  UltraViolet.  Wow. Sounds so good.