Western Digital Releases My Book Live Duo

My Book Live Duo

Western Digital had best be careful lest their My Book external drives become full on NAS systems. The new My Book Live Duo is Western Digital’s latest network-capable My Book external hard drive, but this time WD is packing in some advanced features. There is some backup software and a DLNA server, though those are pretty much standard bullet points on […]

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QVIVO Moving Its Social Media Center into the Cloud


I haven’t played with the QVIVO Media Center software since the QVIVO team first launched their public alpha. Even in that early state it was looking slick despite limited file support, and the idea of a media center that integrates with Facebook is intriguing. Since I last took a look at it, QVIVO has expanded beyond simply being a media […]

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UltraViolet reviewers hate Hollywood’s digital locker

Well, you really didn’t expect them to get it right the first time did you?    Seems the number one complaint was lack of an iPad/iPhone compatible format, which does seem to be a pretty big oversight, though I suspect this could also be a result of the Apple/Hollywood love/hate relationship. Talk about a bad first impression: The first two Blu-ray […]

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