QVIVO Moving Its Social Media Center into the Cloud


I haven’t played with the QVIVO Media Center software since the QVIVO team first launched their public alpha. Even in that early state it was looking slick despite limited file support, and the idea of a media center that integrates with Facebook is intriguing. Since I last took a look at it, QVIVO has expanded beyond simply being a media center client.

Along with the Windows and Mac versions there is a cloud version where you can have your collection synced up and used the cloud media player to view/listen to you content.  They say that iOS and Android apps are on the way along with support for “many more devices” 

The Digital Lifestyle

Cloud-based digital media lockers and syncing services are all the rage, so it is not a surprise to see QVIVO moving in a similar direction. It does raise the question of where users are going to find media, particularly movies and TV shows that isn’t tied down by DRM to specific cloud services. At one point QVIVO was talking about their forthcoming QStore for buying music and eventually TV shows, but pretty much all mention of the QStore is gone from the QVIVO site.