Acer Revo RL100-U20P Home Theater PC


Many home theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts dream of a system that is as slim as other consumer electronic devices such as a dedicated Blu-ray player. It is also an expensive and difficult proposition for most; thus, when Acer introduced its newest Revo 100, many took notice. Not only is the Revo 100 only one inch high, it also has a […]

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Media Buddy for Windows Phone Reviewed

Media Buddy

I really wish Microsoft would come out with a Windows Phone 7 device sans phone like Apple does with the iPod Touch. I love the look of the UI and want to dig into some of the WMC apps that developers have been putting out on the platform without having a cell phone tied to controlling the living room. Media […]

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Overview of Instant Watch Browser for Netflix on Roku

Instant Watch Browser

Despite being the original device partner for Netflix Watch Instantly, I’ve always found Roku’s Netflix app to be fairly basic. Even gaining search functionality took much longer than I expected. Of course, I was spoiled by WMC’s Netflix app which, despite becoming increasingly flaky as Microsoft neglects WMC, is still the best Netflix app I have ever used. However, every […]

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