Review of Popbox 3D/ Comparision to Popbox V8

Popbox 3d

 For those of you in the market for a media player in addition to checking to checking out our Media Player Comparsion Guide should also check out this review of the Popbox 3D from In this hybrid review/comparison Damian over at takes an in depth look at the Popbox 3D highlighting many of the problems with the device […]

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HBO GO now Available for Roku

Earlier this month Roku and HBO had released news that the HBO Go service was coming to the Roku network streaming platform. Today it is now available. So if you have a Roku device and have access to the HBO Go service give it a Go (pun intended) and leave some feedback and let us know how it goes. Less […]

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My Movies for Media Center and WHS 2011 Updated

One of the longest running Add-ins for Media Center and Home Server, My Movies, has been updated. My Movies for Media Center is now up to version 4.02 PR6 and version 2.10 PR5 for WHS 2011. I personally have been running My Movies for years, it is my go to Add-in for Media Center. I love the look and feel […]

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QVIVO Moving Its Social Media Center into the Cloud


I haven’t played with the QVIVO Media Center software since the QVIVO team first launched their public alpha. Even in that early state it was looking slick despite limited file support, and the idea of a media center that integrates with Facebook is intriguing. Since I last took a look at it, QVIVO has expanded beyond simply being a media […]

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Google Considering TV for Google Fiber

Google Fiber

Google hasn’t shared many details about Google Fiber, the experimental high-speed Internet service that Google is rolling out in Kansas City, KA (and MO) beyond that it will be available for free to schools first. However, it sounds like Google is looking at competing with the cable companies on more than one front by offering pay TV services. I can’t […]

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