Turkey Day Gem: Low Price HTPC from Lenovo

With the advent of Thanksgiving more and more deals are popping up and while I was browsing my feeds and looking at all the sales this gem popped up. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180. Fully equipped with BD drive, HDMI with 7.1 Audio, AMD 6450 Video, USB 3.0, 8-in-1 card reader all wrapped up in a small form factor. The Lenovo […]

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WD TV Live Reviewed

WD TV Live

Western Digital has been quietly adding new services such as Spotify and Vimeo to their WD TV Live media streamers, working to make their little streamers ever more attractive. The guys at Silent PC Review took the WD TV Live for a spin with an eye to how it compares to an HTPC. I’ve recommended previous WD TV devices to folks […]

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Matcha.tv Offers Social Integration and Video Aggregation


If you consume most of your online movie and TV streams through a browser, then Matcha.tv has a service intended to bring all of your streaming services together in one site. Matcha.tv aggregates video from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes and Comcast Xfinity, and ties it all together with a recommendation engine. The recommendation engine is actually what Matcha.tv is hoping […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 13

Ok, after a good night sleep I have cooled down enough to be productive again.  I decided to reinstall Fedora 15, this time using KDE as the desktop instead of Gnome.  I’m sure that if I had dug into it far enough I could have figured out how to resolve the windowing issues that I was facing.  Maybe there was […]

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Sony Finds Synergy with PlayStation Home and Crackle

Crackle on Home

Sony builds the PlayStation 3 which comes with PlayStation Home, the virtual hub where gamers can gather to play games, chat, and hang out while watching movies and listening to music. Sony also owns Crackle, a media streaming service that primarily serves up movies and TV shows produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Pictures Loot, the internal Sony group in […]

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