Seagate Brings 1TB Platter to the Party

Seagate Logo

Yet another announcement I’ve been anxiously awaiting!  My multi-platter 1TB drives have been begging me–practically laughing at me–to upgrade them to 1.5TB or 2TB models.  But, I have refused to purchase anything with more than 2 platters or anything that spins at less than 7200rpm.  As a result, I’ve been suffering from feelings of size inadequacy for some time now.  […]

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GoogleTV Still Alive, Finally Gets an Update

Good for Google for continuing to update and not abandon their GoogleTV platform which has gotten off to a terrible start. I find a bit of irony in the update going first to Sony users, with Logitech soon to follow, especially considering how much flack Logi has gotten for all the wasted money they put into these boxes. Great rundown […]

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Blu-ray Releases – November 1, 2011

Boy did I struggle this week. Partly due to a busy schedule, but I’m sure partly due to just a terrible overall week of picks. Bunraku is one of the few that I saw, and it was pretty bad, simply tried to be too many things. I think I saw part of Water for Elephants, but I’m not a fan […]

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