Souls Army Media Browser Themes and Plugins Getting Updates

Neo Theme

Media Browser development continues apace, and with it, Media Browser’s plugin developers are prepping their projects for the upcoming Apollo release. Jas Manghera, the developer behind the Souls Army family of Media Browser themes and plugins, has released a roadmap of upcoming updates. The Neo theme sounds like it is going to get the most attention. If you haven’t tried […]

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SiriusXM Releases Lynx Portable Radio

SiriusXM Lynx

The Lynx Portable Radio was looking to be the first SiriusXM 2.0 radio when it first leaked via the Best Buy website. That particular honor ended up going to the SiriusXM Edge instead, but the Lynx is now finally available. For $250, the Lynx taps into all of the features of SiriusXM 2.0, including the expanded channel lineup and DVR-style […]

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Seas0nPass Updated to Support Untethered Jailbreaking


Seas0nPass, the popular Apple TV jailbreaking tool, has received a special update allowing for untethered jailbreaks, a feature that had been lacking over the last several versions. By itself, this isn’t necessarily big news, but evidently there is a lot going on in the Apple TV jailbreak scene right now. There is word of a new Plex beta and even […]

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Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 Reviewed

Western Digital Sentinel DX4000

I’ve been using Windows Home Server since it first launched and was quite interested to see Microsoft building on the basic concept by expanding the line with Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials. All three operating systems share their Windows Server 2008 R2 roots and easy to use Dashboard […]

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LG Going for Style with New 3D Glasses

LG F Glasses

To date, 3D TV technology hasn’t really done anything for me. Even aside from the fact that my TV isn’t ready for an upgrade, the idea of wearing glasses to watch TV does not appeal, and the idea of convincing my family to wear special glasses while watching TV appeals even less. Perhaps LG will start a trend with their […]

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Antec P280 Performance One Case Reviewed

Antec P280

Towers as big as the Antec P280 aren’t usually the kind of cases that we highlight here at Missing Remote, but Antec’s Performance One line has always been about combining enthusiast-class hardware with silent computing performance; probably a big part of why they have been a favorite with our friends at Certainly, the P280 would make a fine home […]

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HornetTek Fantasy Media Streamer Reviewed

HornetTek Fantasy

I know a couple of people who have purchased HornetTek cases for their iPhones, but I was not aware that they also made a line of PC accessories and media streamers. The HornetTek Fantasy is not a networked media streamer, but rather an HDD streamer, similar to the Seagate GoFlex Cinema except that you attach your own external USB hard drive. […]

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