Fractal Designs Arc Midi Mid Tower Case

Fractal Designs Arc Midi.jpg

We are continuing our reviews of Fractal Design cases today with their Arc Midi mid tower desktop case.  We have previously reviewed the Core 3000, Define Mini, Array R2, and Define XL.  Like the other Fractal Design cases, the Arc Midi features a sleek, minimalist design, but it stands out as a versatile case that would work equally well for […]

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Brings Video Playback Issues

If you have been enjoying the new video apps that came with the Xbox 360’s recent dashboard update, but feel like your videos seem to have lost their sparkle, you are not alone. Eurogamer responded to the concerns by running histograms comparing RGB levels in screenshots of videos playing on pre- and post-update Xbox 360s and found that after applying […]

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SilverStone Sugo SG08 Reviewed

SilverStone Sugo SG08

SilverStone’s Sugo line of cases is all about trying to perfect the small form factor PC, and the Sugo SG08 is their latest stab at striking the perfect balance between minuscule footprint and powerhouse performance. The 180mm fan providing positive pressure flow sounds great, as does the space for a full-size video card, though I honestly can’t look at these sort of […]

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LG Announces Magic Motion Remote Control

Magic Motion Remote Control

LG has announced a new version of their Magic Motion Remote Control, the Wiimote-style remote control that LG started shipping with their high-end TVs last year. This year’s version of the remote control adds gesture support to make the remote even more Wiimote-like, a scroll wheel, and everyone’s favorite new input system: voice recognition. The Magic Motion Remote Control only […]

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Cablevision Signs On with HBO Go and MAX Go


Time Warner Cable announced just a few days ago that they were going to start offering HBO Go and MAX Go access to their subscribers. Today, Cablevision announced that they too are going to start offering HBO Go and MAX Go to their subscribers. HBO will undoubtedly continue to pursue deals with the myriad regional and line-lease cable providers around […]

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