Quick Review – HD Frequency Antennas

Web_cablecutter with cable.jpg

  We met with the folks at Silicon Dust during our week at International CES 2015, and among the things we talked about were the antennas they were using to pull in a signal. They are manufactured in the USA by HD Frequency. While we were not able to meet in person with them at CES, we did get a […]

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Perfect Home Theater (PHT) FLS-8 Silent Chassis


There are a number of factors to consider when searching for an HTPC chassis–size, heat dissipation, noise level, materials, and construction are just a few–and the Perfect Home Theater (PHT) FLS-8 performs incredibly well in all of these categories. But is it truly “perfect”? Read on to find out. Specifications If you are a regular on Missing Remote you may […]

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News – The $100 Projector Screen

Projector Central

Can you really get a quality projector screen for around $100? The folks over at Projector Central think so. Their step-by-step guide walks you through the entire process for using paint to create your own DIY projector screen. The results are surprisingly good, ending up with a screen comparable to the Studiotek 100 which retails for about $1300.  While the results […]

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Fractal Designs Arc Midi Mid Tower Case

Fractal Designs Arc Midi.jpg

We are continuing our reviews of Fractal Design cases today with their Arc Midi mid tower desktop case.  We have previously reviewed the Core 3000, Define Mini, Array R2, and Define XL.  Like the other Fractal Design cases, the Arc Midi features a sleek, minimalist design, but it stands out as a versatile case that would work equally well for […]

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