SilverStone Sugo SG08 Reviewed

SilverStone Sugo SG08

SilverStone’s Sugo line of cases is all about trying to perfect the small form factor PC, and the Sugo SG08 is their latest stab at striking the perfect balance between minuscule footprint and powerhouse performance. The 180mm fan providing positive pressure flow sounds great, as does the space for a full-size video card, though I honestly can’t look at these sort of mini-ITX cube cases without thinking about building a silent, low-power HTPC. I also like to see SilverStone leading the trend in adopting USB 3.0 ports up front.

An interesting feature of the SG08 is its ability to support video cards up to 12.2 inches long which is more than enough space for the GTX 580 we are showing here.  Once the card has been installed you can work on routing cables and finding the best path for everything.