Netflix Takes Serious Hit in Consumer Satisfaction Rankings

Customer satisfaction tracking company, ForeSee, has issued its semiannual report on the top 40 Internet companies. The company with the highest customer satisfaction was Amazon. The company that usually competes with Amazon for that top spot is Netflix, which has slipped down to the middle of the pack after a rocky year of price hikes, abortive attempts to split the […]

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Apple Prepping to Launch 32″ and 37″ Televisions?

Apple TV

In the wake of Steve Jobs’s death and the release of his biography, the Internet started to light up with rumors that Apple was in the process of building a genuine television. Such rumors were not new, so beyond reporting on the intriguing passage from Walter Isaacson’s biography that initially stirred things up, I have been generally reluctant to follow […]

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Pivos AIOS HD Media Player Reviewed


We first caught wind of the Pivos AIOS HD Media Player a few months back, and now it has been taken out for another test spin. Unfortunately, it sounds like the test involved a whole lot of spinning tires. The Pivos Technology Group likes to position the AIOS HD as an HTPC without the PC, but it sounds like even […]

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Some Logitech Revue Units Failing Due to Corrupted Firmware

Logitech Revue

If Santa delivered a Logitech Revue and you’ve been experiencing some trouble getting through the setup procedure, it might be a good idea to check and see if the MAC address begins with 1C6F657. Logitech has disclosed that an indeterminate number of recently manufactured Logitech Revue units shipped out with a corrupted firmware that causes the device to fail to complete […]

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