LG Announces Magic Motion Remote Control

Magic Motion Remote Control

LG has announced a new version of their Magic Motion Remote Control, the Wiimote-style remote control that LG started shipping with their high-end TVs last year. This year’s version of the remote control adds gesture support to make the remote even more Wiimote-like, a scroll wheel, and everyone’s favorite new input system: voice recognition. The Magic Motion Remote Control only works with LG’s TVs, but does seem to tap into the greater trends we are seeing with home theater control and interaction. While the new remote does look more ergonomic, I’m not so sure that letting some folks have 2D-to-3D conversion controls just a press of a button away is such a good idea.

LG just announced the 2012 refresh of its Magic Motion Remote Control. Last year’s model let you navigate any 2011 LG smart TV like a Wii, and the refresh takes a new ergonomic design and adds voice recognition for text input, a scroll wheel, and “Magic Gestures.”

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Now, please excuse me while my inner curmudgeon leaks out a bit. It used to be that flipping through the channels meant pushing a button rapidly. Now it requires flapping your arms and shouting at your TV. Anyone interested?

  • My LG came with a Magic

    My LG came with a Magic Motion remote.  It has so little appeal to me, that I never bothered to even put the batteries in and try it out.

    • If you ever get bored and

      If you ever get bored and decide to try it out, let us know how it works. I personally find these kind of remotes laughable, but who knows? Maybe it will be a revelation. Wink