LG Announces Magic Motion Remote Control

Magic Motion Remote Control

LG has announced a new version of their Magic Motion Remote Control, the Wiimote-style remote control that LG started shipping with their high-end TVs last year. This year’s version of the remote control adds gesture support to make the remote even more Wiimote-like, a scroll wheel, and everyone’s favorite new input system: voice recognition. The Magic Motion Remote Control only […]

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Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset Reviewed

Sony has been showing off their Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset, their modern day take on the Sony Glasstron, but now it is working its way into the hands of reviewers. I have to admit that I am pretty excited about this headset. The basic concept has intrigued me for years. I am a bit worried after seeing pictures of the device on the […]

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