Lumus Developing 720p Video Glasses That Don’t Obstruct the View

Lumus video glasses

As we move into the latter half of December, we are going to be hearing more and more from companies prepping for CES in January. One company that is going to be showing off its tech is Lumus. In particular, they will be showing off their 720p video glasses, but what sets the Lumus glasses apart from others that we have seen, such as the Sony HMZ-T1 3D Headset, is that the Lumus video glasses move the electronics into the sides of the glasses leaving an unobstructed view though the front and shifting the weight away from the front to the sides of the head where it can be better distributed. The image is shunted out onto the glasses creating an image equivalent to an 87″ screen at 10 feet. I’ve mentioned before that I love the concept of headset display technology, but the idea of having “regular” eyewear that can also be used in this manner is fantastic. Admittedly, the Lumus video glasses are a bit less than fashionable at this point, but Lumus is indicating that they do not have any interest in manufacturing, but are instead seeking OEMs to partner with. Get this technology into the hands of the right company and I think we could see a version that a person would be comfortable being seen wearing.

The display is stunning. Because each eye display works independently, you can view 3D video in 720p (1080p is on its way) and the clarity is amazing. When you turn them off, the picture disappears completely, leaving perfectly clear lenses. Unlike the Moto ROKR MP3 sunglasses that they used to sell back in the day, the styling and size makes you look less like Dog the Bounty Hunter and more like a Bond villain.