Antec P280 Performance One Case Reviewed

Antec P280

Towers as big as the Antec P280 aren’t usually the kind of cases that we highlight here at Missing Remote, but Antec’s Performance One line has always been about combining enthusiast-class hardware with silent computing performance; probably a big part of why they have been a favorite with our friends at Certainly, the P280 would make a fine home server case for someone looking for a lot expansion room without generating a lot of noise. Moving the USB ports to the top of the case was a smart change to the lineup, making the ports more accessible and reducing obstructions to the door from errant USB cables. Swap the three 5.25″ drive bays for a hot-swap bay and one could easily fit 13 hard drives in this case even before tapping those USB ports.

The new P280 shows just how well Antec has refined their Performance One Series cases.  With the tagline “Sophisticated Performance Refined”, the P280 provides a solid set of features honed over generations of case design and feedback.