LG Going for Style with New 3D Glasses

LG F Glasses

To date, 3D TV technology hasn’t really done anything for me. Even aside from the fact that my TV isn’t ready for an upgrade, the idea of wearing glasses to watch TV does not appeal, and the idea of convincing my family to wear special glasses while watching TV appeals even less. Perhaps LG will start a trend with their new glasses and make wearing 3D glasses a little less of a geek accouterment. LG has announced that they are prepping a line of “stylish” 3D glasses. The F320 clip-ons in particular should be attractive to folks like me who wear glasses full-time.

There’s no pricing info available, but LG touts that they’re all light and comfortable thanks to the film patterned retarder (FPR) 3D tech that its TVs employ. Like all FPR glasses, you can bring your own pair to the cinema (assuming it’s using RealD 3D) if you really want to show off.

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  • I bought my passive LG set so

    I bought my passive LG set so I could buy additional glasses for a few dollars each (or take home ones from the movie theater) instead of the high prices for active glasses.  When I’m watching a 3D movie with a group of people over, we aren’t watching each other, we’re watching the screen.  As long as a glasses are comfortable and the 3D doesn’t give me a headache, it wins.  Paying more for ‘fancy’ glasses defeats the purpose of saving money on passive 3D.  The only one of the new glasses that appeal to me are the clip-on ones, might be nice to have one or two of those around for my friends who wear normal glasses.

  • The only thing missing is an

    The only thing missing is an Opti-Grab and they’d be perfect.

    • LowTech wrote:

      The only


      The only thing missing is an Opti-Grab and they’d be perfect.


      Haha!  Soon to be recalled…