Samsung Confirms 3D TV Market Growth Slow

Samsung TV

TP Vision wasn’t the only company on hand at the IFA Global Press Conference in Croatia this week. Samsung was also there to outline its plans to continue to dominate TV sales. Like TP Vision, Samsung had a lot of praise to share for the growth of smart TVs, but Samsung was also sharing some less than encouraging news about […]

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Panasonic and NBC Team Up for Olympics in 3D


NBC will be televising the London 2012 Olympic Games in 3D this year in partnership with Panasonic. The two companies announced at CES that NBC will be relying on Panasonic technologies to produce the 3D broadcasts which will be shown in the U.S. on next-day delay. It would seem that details are still being worked out as NBC is not […]

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Toshiba Announces 4K 3DTV for U.S. in Q1 2012

Toshiba 4K

If LG’s upcoming 84″ 4K TV is too big for your living room, then Toshiba wants you to know that they have you covered. Toshiba has announced that they are planning to bring a 55″ 4K 3DTV to the U.S. in the next few months. The 3D will run at a relatively measly 720p, but it will be autostereoscopic, so […]

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LG Going for Style with New 3D Glasses

LG F Glasses

To date, 3D TV technology hasn’t really done anything for me. Even aside from the fact that my TV isn’t ready for an upgrade, the idea of wearing glasses to watch TV does not appeal, and the idea of convincing my family to wear special glasses while watching TV appeals even less. Perhaps LG will start a trend with their […]

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Stream TV Networks Prepping Ultra-D 3D Conversion Devices


A company named Stream TV Networks has announced that they will be launching their Ultra-D technology at CES 2012. Ultra-D technology is supposed to provide real-time conversion of any 2D content to 3D, and even the conversion of any glasses-required stereoscopic 3D content to glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D. On the one hand, the technology sounds like it could legitimately provide a response to one […]

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Tru3D Active-to-Passive 3D Polarizer Add-on Review

Tru 3D Hero

For those of you who have a active 3D projector and are feeling a deep yearning desire to transform it into a passive 3D projector, Tru3D has released a solution for you. For the low price of $1,499.99, the Tru3D converter automatically polarizes the light leaving the projector such that all that is required for viewing is a standard pair of […]

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Vizio Launches M-Series Passive 3D TVs

Vizio has a nasty habit of releasing surprisingly good televisions at a given price point and they are hoping to do it again with their new M-Series line of TVs. The Vizio M-Series TVs are edge-lit LED LCD TVs, but their most intriguing feature is their passive Theater 3D technology. Vizio is promising that Theater 3D will produce flicker and […]

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