Stream TV Networks Prepping Ultra-D 3D Conversion Devices


A company named Stream TV Networks has announced that they will be launching their Ultra-D technology at CES 2012. Ultra-D technology is supposed to provide real-time conversion of any 2D content to 3D, and even the conversion of any glasses-required stereoscopic 3D content to glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D. On the one hand, the technology sounds like it could legitimately provide a response to one of the biggest issues with the adoption of 3D TV technology: the lack of available content. On the other hand, I have gone to the theater to see a couple of movies that have been post-converted to 3D, and if Hollywood cannot make it look good for a summer blockbuster, I find it hard to believe a little company out of Philly has the problem licked. In fact, it actually makes more nervous that the company is trumpeting the fact that the user can adjust the level of 3D as a feature. I will be scared to watch TV at my friends’ houses for years to come. It reminds me of the early days of home theater systems when folks would buy a $200 home-theater-in-a-box and then show it off by popping in Jurassic Park and cranking the volume until the speakers crackled, only now it will be the heads of the dinosaurs clipping off into the ether. What do you guys think? Can Ultra-D live up to it’s name?

 Stream TV Networks, under the Ultra-D brand, has 3D-capable products coming out for TVs, converter boxes, tabs, PCs of all shapes and sizes, smartphones, and even digital signage and picture frames. The technology also allows for the user to customize the 3D effect, letting users increase or decrease the real-time 3D rendering effect.