Tru3D Active-to-Passive 3D Polarizer Add-on Review

Tru 3D Hero

For those of you who have a active 3D projector and are feeling a deep yearning desire to transform it into a passive 3D projector, Tru3D has released a solution for you. For the low price of $1,499.99, the Tru3D converter automatically polarizes the light leaving the projector such that all that is required for viewing is a standard pair of polarized glasses:

The core of the Tru3D system is a single-plane polarizer. Mounted in front of a projector lens, it twists the light depending on which eyes information is displayed. On your face all you need are cheap circular polarized glasses like you stealborrow get at most 3D movie theaters. The only trick is you need a silver screen that keeps the polarization of the incoming light. This, of course, is an added cost.

HD Guru 

The folks over at HD guru have put the device through its paces and overall seemed satisfied with its results granting it 3.5 out of five hearts. Head on over to HD Guru for the full review.

  • ooooooh.  Now if I just had a

    ooooooh.  Now if I just had a fatter wallet so I could afford it.