YouTube and Disney Teaming Up on Original Content

YouTube + Disney

We recently commented on Roku adding a Disney channel to its little streamer and the importance of being able to put the Disney brand on the box. Even when the content is not particularly compelling, the brand alone is enough to attract the attention of parents and children. YouTube may be counting on the same effect as YouTube and Disney […]

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Netflix Gains Exclusive MGM Rights for UK and Ireland

The Hobbit

Netflix will be launching in the UK and Ireland in early 2012 and they are going to be facing some serious competition from the Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM streaming service which is already firmly entrenched in the region. Unsurprisingly, Netflix is looking to line up some content that will help differentiate their service and give them a competitive edge. Today Netflix announced […]

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Panasonic Sees the Big Picture with Their New Social TV App

Social Panasonic

Smart TVs are all about bringing the world of apps to the television set, and Panasonic’s smart TVs are no different. Panasonic recently announced some new apps, but the most interesting app was their upgraded Social TV app. Panasonic’s Viera TVs have included social apps for a while, but its latest upgrade brings an integrated Social TV app designed to let viewers […]

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AT&T and DirecTV Hooking Up Until 2015

DirecTV did a pretty good job of picking up subscribers in Q3. If their Q4 doesn’t go as well, they won’t have AT&T to blame. AT&T gets a lot of attention for their fiber optic U-Verse television service, but U-Verse has had a fairly limited roll-out at this point. Where AT&T lacks U-Verse to bundle in with their telephony and data services, […]

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Dune HD Smart H1 Media Streamer


Connected media streamers, like the pair from Roku and NETGEAR that we reviewed recently, focus on providing access to IP content but generally cannot handle local media well enough (if at all) to be a viable unifying solution.  Until we have enough bandwidth, and services able to deliver quality audio/video services over the Internet, those devices act as a supplement […]

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Blockbuster Express Announces Rate Hike

Blockbuster Express has been feeling a bit left out. All of their competitors have been raising their prices, leaving poor little Blockbuster Express without any headlines. Guess it’s about time they joined in. They even decided to get catchy with their rate hike. Say hello to 3-2-1 pricing. Blockbuster Express has been cutting special deals for awhile to avoid the […]

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