Digitizing VHS with the Hauppauge Colossus


So my primary reason for purchasing the Hauppauge Colossus was to digitize a small VCR library.   Some purchased movie titles others non-professional and non-purchasable.    It seems my wife’s Dad bought almost every Disney movie on VCR during the limited release cycle.   Since my 4yr old isn’t going to complain about simulated surround vs TrueHD, I figured capturing the upscaled image after […]

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Iomega TV with Boxee Coming to Europe, Not US

It’s been quite a while since Iomega first announced their plans to build their own Boxee-based media streamer. The Iomega TV with Boxee went on sale in parts of Europe a few weeks ago and will be launching soon in more areas, but Iomega has no plans to bring the streamer to North America. Personally, I think this is an […]

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Comcast Takes Detour to Barcelona Enroute to Xcalibur

Comcast is still working on their app-like Xcalibur settop box UI, but evidently Comcast feels they need something to hold folks over until Xcalibur arrives. Comcast was recently showing off their revamped high definition guide, codenamed Barcelona. It’s already rolling out in select markets and will be going wider before the end of the year. Like other HD UI overhauls […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 14

Well, I’ve had a bit of time to look into the new Fedora 15 load and it appears that without doing anything with LIRC at all I have basic directional pad controls on my remote working.  Volume also appears to work.  However, when I install LIRC and point it to lircd.conf.mceusb I get nothing when running irw.  If I do […]

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Samsung and Google Taking the Slow Approach to Google TV

Samsung Google TV

Sony and Logitech were Google’s hardware launch partners for Google TV, but there were other companies looking at building their own hardware. One such company was Samsung, who even showed off a couple of early devices at CES 2011. Google wasn’t too keen on CE manufacturers showing their Google TV offerings last January and evidently Samsung wasn’t too keen on […]

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