Blockbuster Express Announces Rate Hike

Blockbuster Express has been feeling a bit left out. All of their competitors have been raising their prices, leaving poor little Blockbuster Express without any headlines. Guess it’s about time they joined in. They even decided to get catchy with their rate hike. Say hello to 3-2-1 pricing.

Blockbuster Express has been cutting special deals for awhile to avoid the 28 day delay on new releases that the studios have been foisting on DVD rental services in an effort to boost DVD sales. A large part of this price hike is about maintaining that competitive advantage for Blockbuster Express. That being said, the jump to $2 on DVD in the 29-90 day range is quite a bit higher than the $1.20 that Redbox recently moved to. Is avoiding the 28 day delay worth the pricing disadvantage on the late release movies?

The price applies to the first night’s rental of newer releases that have been in kiosks for 29 days to 90 days, NCR Entertainment General Manager Justin Hotard said in an interview yesterday. Shoppers who keep DVDs longer will pay an additional $1 a day. The change is effective Nov. 8.