What’s better than bourbon with a movie?

I love whisky, or whiskey, as I am relearning how to spell it. Anyone who spends time at a bar with me can attest to two thing: I have some peculiarities around pouring beer, and I will run on about whiskey for as long as there is an audience. Frankly, what’s not to like. Excepting anything from Islay, it is an interesting topic to explore, both with the palette and the mind. For the readers out there I strongly recommend “Tasting Whiskey” as a great way to learn more about how it is made, what the regional differences are, and why you like what you like. For the visual learns, I hope that the new documentary “NEAT: The Story of Bourbon” will provide a similar introduction, and be just as enjoyable and enlightening. It is unfortunate that release day is next Tuesday, because that means I will not be watching it bourbon-in-hand on Feb 20. Sigh… Guess that will have to wait for the weekend.

Oh and seriously, stay away from Islay Scotch. Unless the taste of burned dirt is your thing.