BenQ W7500 Projector Review

BenQ W7500 Front Left PR Shot

The BenQ W7500 projector is a work of art, or should I say can display any work of art; it is a beautiful projector and picture. This projector is built for your house and gets you man[or woman]-cave ready for sports, movies or gaming. Forget the theory that projectors should be for occasional use–you will want to use this projector […]

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Blockbuster Express Announces Rate Hike

Blockbuster Express has been feeling a bit left out. All of their competitors have been raising their prices, leaving poor little Blockbuster Express without any headlines. Guess it’s about time they joined in. They even decided to get catchy with their rate hike. Say hello to 3-2-1 pricing. Blockbuster Express has been cutting special deals for awhile to avoid the […]

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Redbox to Raise DVD Rental Prices


Normally this would be a sick Halloween trick, but this is no treat either. Starting Monday October 31st Redbox is to raise its DVD rental prices by 20%. Going from a $1 a day rental model and bumping up its rental prices of DVD movies to $1.20 a day. You would have thought that services like Rebox would have learned […]

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Netflix Optimizes Website for Streaming


I wonder if this is a sign that most Netflix users that are streaming are using devices and not their computers? Or maybe they just really want to remind people that streaming means you can watch it immediately. Some people are up in arms about this new UI, but I’m a fan. There’s no doubt Netflix has invested a lot […]

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