Sometimes a B+ is just fine

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Pi, but it was worth the wait as there’s a new model: Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Just in time for Pi day too :). The main features of interest are the vastly improved networking capabilities (802.11AC and Gigabit Ethernet), but there’s quite a bit more on tap as well. The spec’s […]

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Unifi 5.7.x gets stable release

One of the best decisions I made when we were moving back to the US was outfitting the new house with a Unifi Wi-Fi system. Pulling Cat6 through the walls wasn’t much fun, but having a dedicated enterprise access point per floor made all of those consumer wireless problems melt away (note to self, really need to finish up that […]

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Ecobee Switch+ now up for pre-order

If you’re planning to put an Amazon Echo Dot and a home automation (HA) controllable light switch in every room, I guess I can see the value in the $99 Ecobee Switch+. But, I’m not convinced that I want to tie my home so tightly to the Amazon ecosystem, especially because in my experience the 3rd party Alexa experience kinda […]

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