Ubiquiti launches NanoSwitch N-SW outdoor 4-port PoE passthrough switch

When I was planning our Unifi Video camera deployment, having one of these 24V outdoor PoE switches would have been handy. The only complaint I have is that I would like it if it were 802.11af/at compatible instead of just 24V because it limits future expandability. But for $40, you can’t have everything…

Featuring a weatherproof form factor, the NanoSwitch is an unmanaged, 4‑port Gigabit switch with PoE passthrough. The NanoSwitch delivers “always‑on” 24V, 2‑pair output on three ports.


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6 years ago

I got 2x of the NanoSwitches. I was similarly disappointed with the lack of 802.11af/at compatible but meh for the price it was hard to beat and much cheaper than running additional long runs to expand. My complaints:

– Not 802.11af/at compatible. It is worth noting that that is for both the PoE-in and PoE-out.

– Limited to 24V PoE-in devices since all switch ports either expect 24V in or output 24V always. You can’t turn off 24V output.

– Not visible in UniFi controller. Just seems stupid. I’m hoping an updating controller will add support. But in this case it is a dumb switch so no settings to turn on or off.