SilverStone Milo ML03b HTPC Case

Silverstone Milo ML03b

Silverstone Technology was founded in 2003 and has been building cases specifically for the home theater PC (HTPC) market since almost the very beginning. Aimed at HTPC users who must have a low profile case but don’t want to sacrifice expansion options, Silverstone offers the Milo ML03b. At a mere 105 mm in height, and only 340 mm in depth […]

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2.1 M Streamed Superbowl

2.1 Million Viewers Watch Superbowl Online

Just like its TV counterpart the online version of this years Superbowl set records for viewership with 2.1 million unique views. This figure makes this years Superbowl the most-watched single-game sporting event online besting totals for previous events such as the 2010 world cup, 2010 Olympics and the Annual NCAA basketball tournament. While this was a great turnout it is still a […]

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I’m Getting a New (sort of) TV

While I already got my Christmas wish and have been loving my new Silverstone GD05B. What I really wanted, but just didn’t have the budget for, was a new and bigger TV as my 32 inch LG 32FZ4D-UA wasn’t really the ideal size.Well thanks to a failing color wheel and dimming light bulb my wish has come true. While visiting my in-laws […]

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TIVO and AT&T Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Regardless of how you feel about the state of the patent system here in the US, the fact still remains that most of the time the parties who are the most susceptible to litigation for patent infringement are the same parties who hold the most patents in that particular field. In the most recent example of this truism AT&T and […]

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Superbowl Available for Online Streaming

Well at the super bowl this season the NFL will finally make its first steps into the 21st century and for the first time in its history the Super Bowl will be available to stream online. NBC will use the same silver light streaming engine that it currently uses to stream Sunday night football night games and while it won’t require […]

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Tru3D Active-to-Passive 3D Polarizer Add-on Review

Tru 3D Hero

For those of you who have a active 3D projector and are feeling a deep yearning desire to transform it into a passive 3D projector, Tru3D has released a solution for you. For the low price of $1,499.99, the Tru3D converter automatically polarizes the light leaving the projector such that all that is required for viewing is a standard pair of […]

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