I’m Getting a New (sort of) TV

While I already got my Christmas wish and have been loving my new Silverstone GD05B. What I really wanted, but just didn’t have the budget for, was a new and bigger TV as my 32 inch LG 32FZ4D-UA wasn’t really the ideal size.Well thanks to a failing color wheel and dimming light bulb my wish has come true.

While visiting my in-laws over the holidays I asked my father in-law if his 50 inch Samsung DLP (HLN507WX/XAA) had always had that high pitched buzz. He responded by saying that it had only recently started but had progressively been getting louder, however he wasn’t really sure what was causing it. Some quick searching on the internet revealed that the likely culprit was a faulty color wheel. Rather than fixing it himself, however, he decided to get a new TV and off of my advice went with a 55 inch LG Infinia 55LW6500 3D TV.

Thus I have now become the proud owner of a slightly used 50 inch DLP in need of a new color wheel. (and light bulb as the picture is getting dark) Once the parts arrive from amazon (color wheel, light bulb) I will be following this guide to replace the color wheel and barring some major catastrophe will have an almost new TV once complete. I think the only person in my house who won’t be happy with the new TV is my cat Hobolochito as he will lose his favorite perching post.

I will be posting back later with pictures of the install.