Asus O!Play Mini Media Player Reviewed

Asus O!Play Mini

Asus has been quietly selling the O!Play line of media streamers for a few years now. It’s been awhile since we had an O!Play in around here for review, and I would imagine they have advanced a bit. Certainly they have gotten smaller as evidenced by the O!Play Mini in this review. The O!Play Mini is not a network streamer, […]

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Rumor: Microsoft Planning Kinect-based Settop Box

Kinect TV

Join me, friends, as we take a little stroll down rumor lane. Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows and Windows Weekly fame has related a rumor that Microsoft may be working on a Kinect-based settop box. It would essentially be an Xbox minus the pesky video games, retooled specifically for media streaming. The inclusion of Kinect would allow for […]

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Quick Guide to Fix Access to YouTube with MacroTube


Accessing streaming media from within the Windows Media Center interface has always been an issue; an issue that Microsoft never really stepped up to resolve, leaving WMC users to rely on the goodwill of community developers to devise solutions for accessing services such as YouTube. One of the more promising projects to come along in that vein was MacroTube. Unfortunately, […]

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Ceton – CES 2012


When Ceton brought a four tuner CableCARD to the Windows Media Center community, they breathed new life into a product languishing from neglect. Not content to only do this, or be entirely dependent on the continued presence of Media Center in subsequent releases of Windows; they have created a “turnkey” competitor to TiVo (and hopefully an exit strategy for SageTV […]

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Shared Guide Potato Updated to Version 1.1.7

Shared Guide Potato

I had not heard of Shared Guide Potato until just recently, but if you are still pining for the ill-fated Softsled, then this one is for you. Shared Guide Potato pulls double duty as a plugin for both Remote Potato and Windows Media Center. Remote Potato is a favorite around these parts. If you’re not familiar with it, Remote Potato […]

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Tweak Mediabrowser to Share Playstates Only

Mediabrowser coverflow

By default, Mediabrowser runs largely as a local application. It’s easy to set up the program with the media libraries pointed at any location, local or networked, but all of the playstate and settings information is stored locally. Mediabrowser has long been easy to tweak to share the playstates and display view settings by moving certain files to a network location […]

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Netgear NeoTV NTV 200 Reviewed

Netgear NeoTV NTV 200

We reviewed the Netgear NeoTV NTV 200 media streamer a couple of months ago and generally liked what we saw, especially the setup experience and the inclusion of HDMI CEC, but sometimes it helps to catch a glimpse of a device in action when forming an opinion. The folks over at GigaOm have posted a new episode of the Cord […]

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Boxee Box – CES 2012

Boxee didn’t have anything dramatic to show this year, but it was great to take a look at the new UI for 1.5, see the EPG, and watch some Live TV on it. It was also nice to raise the possibility of Copy-Freely Digital Cable Tuner support and PVR functionality with them. While clearly they weren’t going to give up […]

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