Ceton previews multi-room DVR and Echo extender

Some “out of left field” news from the Ceton camp, but interesting as well. The folks over at Ceton have been busy and I mean very busy. They are inviting the press at CES to their suit to show off their new Media Center Extender, as well as their dedicated Set-Top-Box based of of Windows 7 embedded which will include their very popular […]

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Roku Launches in the UK and Ireland

Roku LT

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s launch in the UK and Ireland comes word that Netflix’s original hardware partner, Roku, is also making the hop across the pond. Roku is launching their first streamers in the region. The launch devices represent the two ends of the lineup spectrum for Roku with the Roku LT handling the entry-level and the Roku […]

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Comcast Xfinity TV coming to Xbox 360

At the Microsoft CES 2012 keynote, Microsoft has announced a content partnership with Comcast which will bring the Xfinity TV services to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Additional partnerships include Newscorp partnership which will bring Fox News, Wall street Journal, Fox and IGN content as well. Not word on the exact time frame just yet but we’re sure it is only […]

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Kinect for Windows coming February 1st

While not directly HTPC or Media Center related, Microsoft has announced that Kinect for Windows will be available starting February 1st. There is currently no mentioning of Media Center support or anything along those lines but it is a bit interesting to see Microsoft go this route. Only time will tell what this will really get us but having voice […]

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Akamai Hopes to Make Good on the Promise of UltraViolet

UltraViolet Logo

The movie studios, and Warner Bros. in particular, were counting on UltraViolet to revolutionize movie buying by creating a buy-once-play-everywhere digital content locker system. Unfortunately, since its launch, UltraViolet has mostly served as a pundit punching bag and free advertising for iTunes. Akamai, the content distribution service giant, has decided that perhaps they are the missing ingredient for UltraViolet. Akamai has […]

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Intel WiDi to be Built into TV and STB Chipsets

WiDi Logo

Intel’s WiDi wireless display technology has been on a bit of a slow burn, in large part because making the wireless connection requires that WiDi be built into both the receiving device and the transmitting device. Intel has some control over the transmitting side as they would love to see everyone buying new laptops to stream content to their TVs, […]

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Microsoft Announces Fox App for Xbox Live

News Corporation

Microsoft may not have had a lot to announce during tonight’s CES keynote, but they did have a little bit of Xbox media streaming news in the form of the Fox App. Microsoft has partnered with News Corporation to bring content from the Wall Street Journal, IGN, Fox, and Fox News to Xbox Live. No timetable was given, but it […]

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Quiet Antec Cases Roundup

Antec Performance P183

For most folks, a home server chassis needs only meet two criteria: hold a lot of hard drives and remain unobtrusive. A case that holds a lot of hard drives might have trouble remaining visually unobtrusive, but that’s what closets are for. Instead, it is often more important to find a good, quiet case. Any of the Antec Sonata and […]

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Samsung Press Conference – CES 2012


Samsung sure knows how to run a press event, and to be honest it was an easy sell because they announced some amazing TVs (although Panasonic did sure did their best to make 3D and 3DTVs incredible boring, so boring that I’m going to save any comments until tomorrow when I get a chance to see the TVs up close). […]

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