Kinect for Windows coming February 1st

While not directly HTPC or Media Center related, Microsoft has announced that Kinect for Windows will be available starting February 1st. There is currently no mentioning of Media Center support or anything along those lines but it is a bit interesting to see Microsoft go this route. Only time will tell what this will really get us but having voice control over your HTPC has some interesting thoughts. 

The Kinect for Windows hardware is already available for pre-order on Amazon for $249.99, quite a bit more than the Xbox counterpart, what also is interesting is the new SDK from Microsoft will not support the Xbox version of Kinect, meaning you will need to purchase the Kinect for Windows to continue any development for the Windows platform. Not really sure why this move took place but it seems just right up Microsoft’s alley.

Straight out of the horse’s mouth: Kinect is oh-ficially coming to Windows starting on February 1st! We’ve seen Microsoft’s PrimeSense-sourced motion sensing system used for just about everythingoutside of gaming, but proper Windows compatibility is bound to mean huge, huge things for its future. Wondering what’s next for Kinect? So is Microsoft, and in just a few weeks, it’ll make it even easier for you to answer that.


  • My son’s first question while

    My son’s first question while watching the announcement during the keynote: Does this mean I can finally use Kinect with Media Center?

  • $250?  Yeah, mmmkay.  I’ve

    $250?  Yeah, mmmkay.  I’ve been using my Kinect on my Windows system for ages.  And I can already use it with Media Center via third party software.  I’ll wait until someone figures out how make my Kinect work with the new SDK via hacks before I toss down more money than a Xbox+Kinect just to get a “stand alone” version for my PC.

    • Mind sharing your software

      Mind sharing your software setup?  I tried some of them and was not too impressed.

      • I think KinEmote was the last

        I think KinEmote was the last one I really played with for that.  Although, ‘Kinect for Media Center Beta 4’ seemed like was coming along well too.  Currently it’s hooked up to my workstation computer with the intent to mess around with some skeletal capturing to use with animation, so I’m not sure what the latest and great builds for MCE are floating around.


        From the press release, I doubt the new Kinect for Windows will appeal to many people for Media center uses.  With the lens focal shift for close range, it may only be rigged for sitting at a desk and not longer uses; time will tell.

        • oliverredfox wrote:



           With the lens focal shift for close range, it may only be rigged for sitting at a desk and not longer uses; time will tell.


          That would be awfully limiting for the price if true.