Microsoft Releases Kinect Nat Geo TV and Kinect Sesame Street, Hires Former CBS President for Original Xbox Video Content

Kinect Sesame Street and Nancy Tellem.png

  Microsoft has been busy over the last year revamping the Xbox 360 interface to make way for the Xbox Live TV initiative that has seen dozens of new streaming media services added to the Xbox dashboard. Even as Microsoft was looking to use a Metro-flavored UI to turn the Xbox into the center of living room entertainment, Microsoft was […]

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Kinect for Media Center Released

With the release of Kinect for Windows we are starting to see add-ins like Kinect for Media Center become official. Part of the thing about Kinect for Windows is that it includes the licensing needed for developers to create apps that can take advantage of the platform. While it is unfortunate that end users need to fork over additional money […]

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Rumor: Microsoft Planning Kinect-based Settop Box

Kinect TV

Join me, friends, as we take a little stroll down rumor lane. Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows and Windows Weekly fame has related a rumor that Microsoft may be working on a Kinect-based settop box. It would essentially be an Xbox minus the pesky video games, retooled specifically for media streaming. The inclusion of Kinect would allow for […]

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Kinect for Windows coming February 1st

While not directly HTPC or Media Center related, Microsoft has announced that Kinect for Windows will be available starting February 1st. There is currently no mentioning of Media Center support or anything along those lines but it is a bit interesting to see Microsoft go this route. Only time will tell what this will really get us but having voice […]

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Video Demo of Kinect for Windows Media Center Beta

Kinect for WMC Beta

I recently attended a conference where one of the more exciting sessions I sat in on was a demonstration of the Kinect for Windows SDK. The applications being discussed in this demo were in no way Windows Media Center related, but it did occur to me at one point that would be a neat use for Kinect. Evidently I was not the […]

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